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We are a small firm specializing in representing community associations. Our firm’s practice is focused on providing quality and personalized legal services to hundreds of condominium, homeowners and other community associations.  We provide full-service counsel on all community association matters, including, but not limited to, general legal matters concerning the daily operation of the association, governing document review and amendments, contract review and drafting, covenant enforcement, including mediation, arbitration and litigation, covenant preservation, assessment collections and lien foreclosures and developer turnover and related claims.  

Attorneys Scott Stoloff and Laurie Manoff each have more than 20 years experience representing community associations, and are Florida Bar Board Certified Condominium and Planned Development Lawyers*


Legal Opinions, Governing Document Review and Amendments

The firm works with our clients to interpret governing documents, statutes, and case law in order to provide legal opinions to help guide our clients through the many legal and practical issues faced by community associations.  We also work with our clients to review and amend their governing documents as needed or to conform to the changes in their communities and the law.  Whether a simple change is needed or a complete restatement of the governing documents, we prepare the amendments and help our clients navigate the process.

Covenant Preservation and Revitalization

We assist homeowners associations in taking the necessary steps to preserve their covenants and restrictions.  In the event an association’s covenants and restrictions have been extinguished, the Firm counsels and assists the association in reviving its Declaration of Covenants and guides the association and its members through the revitalization process.

General Legal Matters, Attend Board Meetings and Membership Meetings

We provide guidance to our clients on the daily operations of the association such as preparing notices of director and owner meetings and annual meeting packages, preparing proxies, and determining quorum and will attend Board meetings and Membership meetings when requested.  We are available to answer Board’s questions via email or telephone. On matters which may require more detail discussions, we will meet with Boards in our office or in their communities.

Covenant Enforcement, Litigation, Arbitration and Mediation  

The Firm counsels its clients on the best methods to enforce its covenants and actions to take to obtain compliance.  When an association’s attempts to obtain compliance by an owner are unsuccessful, many times a demand letter from the Firm will be successful. However, if compliance is not obtained, we are prepared to take the necessary legal action on behalf of the association, including mediation, arbitration and litigation.  

When it comes to contested issues, we believe that an association’s attorney goal should be to work with the Board to amicably resolve legal problems.  Because the attorney will benefit financially from litigation, we believe an attorney should not encourage litigation that can be avoided while still accomplishing the association’s goals.  While an association should always be willing to enforce its legal rights through litigation if necessary, the association’s attorney can often help the Board negotiate fair resolutions without resorting to the courts.  Of course, when disputes arise that cannot be resolved amicably, the firm aggressively pursues its clients’ positions.

Assessment Collection Of Assessments And Liens

Our assessment collection department is professional and efficient.  Each Association is assigned to one collection staff member who is the main contact for the Association.  The Firm has successfully handles thousands of lien foreclosure and mortgage foreclosure cases for the Firm’s clients.

Contract Preparation and Review

From cable contracts, to management contracts, to construction contracts, and more, we are able to review, revise and prepare contracts for our clients, and also review vendor contracts and prepare necessary changes and addenda to ensure that our clients get what they need.

Communication and Responsiveness

We believe that communication between us and our clients is essential to our ability to provide the highest level of service to our clients.  Many clients tell us that their prior attorney failed to promptly and effectively respond to telephone calls and written inquiries. We recognize how frustrating this can be so we try to respond immediately to all telephone calls, emails and other written inquiries.  We understand that our clients do not want to wait and we believe they should not have to wait, for answers to their questions. To better help us serve our clients, we encourage communication from our clients by not charging for the client’s first telephone call to us each month on a non-litigation matter.

Trust and Confidence

At Stoloff & Manoff, P.A., we take pride in developing long term relationships with our clients.  We maintain relationships with our clients even as Boards change. We credit this continuity to the trust and confidence that we earn from our clients by providing them the very best, most cost effective legal representation.   

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